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Thank you for considering Send It Secure by Protected Trust for your email encryption needs. Send It Secure is very easy to use and will help you meet compliance, including HIPAA.

Here are a few highlights:

  • You can keep your existing email address
  • Encryption account setup only takes a few minutes
  • No contracts to purchase, payments are monthly

Steps to Place an Order

You must create an account before you can place an order.
  1. Login OR Sign Up
  2. Navigate to
  3. From the banner click the BUY NOW  button

  4. Set the number of user licenses you wish to enable on your subscription, then click Continue

    Note:  When placing an order for 3 users, the first line item may include 1 user license.  This means you would only add 2 additional users for a total of 3 user licenses. Check the Order Summary to confirm the user license count is correct before continuing.

    Note: Check the Order Summary to confirm the user license count is correct before continuing. 
  5. Click Continue to proceed to enter contact and billing information

  6. Enter a primary contact and billing information, check the box to confirm terms of service, and then click Place Order to complete the order process

    Note: Your order has been placed, and your organization is ready to start sending messages. Go to your Send It Secure Dashboard at to access your account. You can Compose, view your Inbox, and add additional users to your organization.

Steps to Add and Manage Users

Users must be in the Active Users list to send secure messages
  1. From the Dashboard select User List to view all Active Users

  2. From the User List filter by Pending Invitations, using the Filter droplist

    Note: Users with Pending Invitations must accept their invitation in order to send and receive secure messages.  An admin can click Resend to resend the invitation or click Revoke to uninvite the user and free up the license.

  3. From the Dashboard, click Add Users to invite additional users to your organization

    Note: Visit Next Steps below for information on alternative onboarding methods
  4. Active users in your organization can go to the Send It Secure Dashboard at to access their accounts and begin sending messages.

Follow these Next Steps to customize your Organization

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