Increase License Count and Invite New Users

To add a new user to your organization you may need to increase your license count. Your license count can be found when logged into the web portal at either under the Add Users or Billing Information sections of your organization. To increase license count: 

  1. Sign into your admin account at

  2. Click  the Add Users icon

    If you have a free license, you can add the user using the users to add field

  3. Click on Buy more under the license count

  4. Increase your total license from your current license total to the number you need, click continue

  5. On the next screen verify your Primary contact and Billing information

  6. Check the agreement box and click Place Order

  7. This will take you back to the Add Users screen.

  8. Enter the new users email addresses in the Users To Add section  and click Send Invitations Now.

  9. The users will receive an invitation email to create their Protected Trust account