What version of the Outlook Add-in do I have?

Currently supported versions of the Protected Trust Outlook Add-in:

  • Version (Recommended version)  
  • Version 4.10.* to 5.2.* (Limited support, these versions will no longer be supported by Outlook, as Outlook automatic updates go out)
  • Version 4.9 or previous (End of life, beginning 10/4/22, this version will no longer function)

Follow the steps below to find out which version of the Protected Trust Outlook Add-in is currently installed.

Steps to identify the currently installed version of the Outlook Add-in

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop App
  2. From the Protected Trust drop menu, select Options
  3. On the Protected Trust Options, you can find Your version: #.#.#.#  this is the version currently installed for use with Outlook