Open Secure Message - Sign In

When opening a Send It Secure by Protected Trust message you may be prompted to Sign In as part of the authentication process. This means you already had an account with Send It Secure by Protected Trust before the message was sent. Use your previously set password to sign in or reset your password then sign in.

Steps to viewing a secure message by signing into your account

If a recipient already has a registered account before a message is sent, the recipient is automatically prompted to sign in to view the message, no action is needed from the sender.
  1. From your email inbox, click on the View Message button to view the message 

  2. Sign In by entering your password and clicking the SIGN IN button

    Note: If you can not recall your password you can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link.  

  3. Signing in displays the secure message

Note: How to Reset My Password