Google Workspace Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup with Google Workspace

Your Protected Trust Encrypted Email organization can be configured to have users sign-in with their Google Workspace user account instead of a having a separate password.

To enable this functionality, an administrator for your organization must follow the steps below. For assistance, please contact the Protected Trust support team.

Step 1) Configure an Identity Provider

  1. Sign in at as an administrator

  2. Navigate to Settings > Single Sign-On & User Sync > Claimed Domains

  3. Ensure that all of your domains are listed. If any are missing, contact our support team to have them added

  4. Navigate to Single Sign-On > Configure New Identity Provider > Configure SSO with Google Apps

  5. In the field Smart URL, enter something unique to your company (such as your company name without spaces or punctuation)

  6. Set Status set to Enabled (Not Primary)

  7. In Hosted Domains enter the domain name for your Google Apps account. This is likely your primary domain name, but it could be different depending on how you originally set up Google Apps

  8. Click Save

Step 2) Test Sign In

  1. Open a different browser or private browsing session and navigate to your Smart URL (e.g.

  2. Follow the steps to sign in. If successful, continue to to Step 3) Enable for the Entire Organization when you’re ready

Step 3) Enable for the Entire Organization

  1. Navigate back to the SSO settings page (Dashboard > Settings > Single Sign-On and User Sync -> Edit)

  2. Change Status to Primary

  3. Click Save

Administrator Tips

How to Bypass SSO Authentication

As an administrator, you can still sign in with the Protected Trust password you previously used, just in case single sign-on stops working for some reason:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email address

  3. Click the password field and immediately press ESC on your keyboard to cancel the redirect

  4. You can now enter your password and sign in to troubleshoot the SSO issue

Enable 2-Step Verification in Google Apps

For additional security, consider enabling 2-step verification on your Google Apps account to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. For more information, see Set up 2-Step Verification for your domain.