Customize a Message Policy

Message policies allow you to customize the formatting of secure messages and also the experience of the recipient and their ability to open the secure messages.

  1. First log into with your email address and password.

  2. Click settings on your dashboard.

  3. Select Message Policies on the left hand side under Protected Trust Help.

  4. Now choose the policy that you would like and click edit.

  5. Change the name of the policy and the icon for users to see when sending messages.

  6. Change permissions by deciding who the policy is enabled for.

  7. Changing the labels will change the name of the policy when sending a message online and with the Add-in in Outlook.

  8. Customize some of the text in the email notifications that get sent using this message policy.

  9. Control if users are allow to send file attachments or allow embedded images.

  10. Encrypt the subject line of a sent message.

  11. Most commonly used is the feature to edit how unregistered recipients verify their identity and create custom shared secret questions and change the answer complexity.

  12. Control the expiration options for your users on messages as well as edit read receipt notifications.

  13.  Once you have customized the policy to your liking, click save changes.

When you send a new email, you will see your policy with it's updated Icon and name.