Troubleshooting: Outlook Add-in Disabled, Re-enable, Missing Icon

This article may be helpful if you are experiencing any of the following issues: 

  • Outlook disabled my Outlook Add-in
  • My Protected Trust Icon is missing from the Home tab
  • Can't send encrypted email from Outlook

Hint: Remember you can always go to and sign in to the web app to view protected messages in your Inbox or Compose and Send a protected message.

Steps to re-enable the Outlook Add-in

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop App
  2. Select the Home Tab
  3. If the Protected Trust icon is missing from the Home ribbon, continue to Step 4. If the icon is visible on the ribbon, go to the article Troubleshooting Outlook Add-in Issue to continue troubleshooting.

  4. In Outlook, select the File menu
  5. Select Manage COM Add-ins

  6. Click on (highlight) the Protected Trust Outlook Add-in, then click on the option to Always enable this add-in to re-enable your add-in

    Hint: You may need to expand the Options to view the Always enable this add-in option

    If the Protected Trust Outlook Add-in is not in the COM add-ins list, please see this article to see if the Protected Trust Outlook Add-in is inactive, instead of disabled.

  7. Return to the Home tab and verify that the Protected Trust icon is visible