Send It Secure for Windows

Send Encrypted Email from Practice Management, EHR’s, and other Windows Applications

Send It Secure for Windows enables you to encrypt and email x-rays, patient information for referrals, and other PHI from many practice management, EHR, and other Windows applications in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

This is made possible by Send It Secure making itself the default mail client on your computer when installed. This means that when a compatible Windows application generates an email, a new Send It Secure message will be composed in a web browser window waiting for you to click Send, without requiring Microsoft Outlook.

To send an encrypted email from your EHR or other compatible software…

  1. Download and install Send It Secure for Windows.
  2. From inside your EHR (or other application), create an email using the built-in email function.
  3. If prompted, enter your Send It Secure email address and password.
  4. Wait a moment for the Send It Secure compose page to open in a web browser.
  5. Enter any additional recipients or content in the message and click Send.