Open Secure Message - Answer Question

When opening a Send It Secure by Protected Trust message you may be prompted to answer a question as part of the authentication process. Both the question and the answer are set by the sender as part of the composing and sending process. Only the sender of the message can confirm the correct answer to the question.

Steps to viewing a secure message when prompted to answer a question

The sender of the message may prompt the recipient  to answer a  question  before displaying the secure message content. T he sender sets a question and answer, only the sender can confirm the correct answer.
  1. From your email inbox, click on the View Message button to view the message 

  2. Answer the sender's question, then click Continue 

    Note: The question will most likely be something you already know the answer to like what is your account number or what is your date of birth.  The answer could also have been provided to you by the sender at a previous date.  

  3. View, reply, or print the message 


    Steps to Troubleshoot the message "Sorry, that is not the correct answer."

    The sender of the message sets both the question and the answer.  

  1. If you are not sure of the correct answer click I DON'T KNOW to send a note to the sender, a message will be sent to the sender's email address
  2. If the sender is a no-reply email address, you can contact the sender directly via phone or by reaching out to their main office