Revoke a message

With Send It Secure, the sender has full control over a message and can revoke access to the message for any or all recipients at anytime.

If a message is revoked for a recipient, that recipient will no longer have the ability to view the message contents, including attachments. Revoking a recipient's access to a message is a permanent action and cannot be undone. If you revoked a recipient's access by mistake, you will need to re-send the message to the revoked recipient.

Steps to Revoke a Message

Only the sender can Revoke access to a message.
  1. Open a web browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. From the Sent folder, select the message you want to revoke from the list by clicking on it

  4. Click on the Delivery Status tab

  5. Click the Revoke link in the recipient's table row to revoke the message for a single recipient, then click Yes, revoke this recipient on the Revoke Recipient pop-up


    Click on Revoke All Recipients & Sender to revoke the message for all recipients, including the sender. Then click Yes, revoke this message on the Revoke Recipient pop-up

  6. The message will then be revoked

Note: Revoke All Recipients & Sender revokes access to all recipients, including the sender of the message. After a message is revoked, the message remains in the Inbox or Sent Folder of revoked recipients but the message content will not display when the message is loaded. The screen shot in Step 6 shows what the message body looks like for a revoked message. The sender will continue to have access to the Proof of Delivery Log and Delivery Status for revoked messages.